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Ken Frane : 5 Short Stories

Posted by David Williams on March 28, 2019 at 5:20 PM

Ken Frane, Last of the Cardiff Docks' Detectives. The author, David Williams, that's me by the way has written two novellas (or long short stories) and now he presents an anthology of five short stories

  1. The Dubrovnik Postcard Affair
  2. Big Bother in Little Bermo
  3. The Bluebird Voodoo Doll
  4. Rigorous Mortis
  5. Farewell and a Jew
I enjoy writing short stories because I don't have the stamina or sticking power to write anything longer. That's why I like the power of Clenched Fist Poetry. Short and to the point. Big Bother in Litte Bermo is the longest and Farewell and a Jew is the shortest. That one ends on a real cliff hanger. The Bluebird Voodoo Doll involves Cardiff City Football Club and was written before the recent tragic events which give the words added resonance. The Dubrovnik Postcard Affair is the first short story I wrote and acts as a kind of introduction to the man and the myth. Rigorous Mortis takes Frane from the Welsh Assembly Government to Swansea to Gilfach Goch and back again.Ken has his friends to support him, Craig Standish, formerly of the South Wales Evening Echo and now at the BBC and Toni Ciekowski, formerly of the Wrexham Leader and now of the Western Mail. Two journalists who give Frane that extra insight he needs to pursue his lines of enquiry and then there is Terry Heston, his long sufferring butty, former police officer and detective. They went through the rise and fall of Cardiff Docks C Division together. Now they both take their orders from Cardiff Bay Police namely Peter Price. Well that's not strictly true, they both ignore the orders from Peter Price. 

I knew the Cardiff Docks before the Cardiff Bay Corporation started work. I had a little printing business called 'Dinas Studios' in the Royal Stuart Workshops from 1988 - 1989 and through the window I could see the old Butetown Police Station. It was a very atmospheric place, the old Docks, I remember the North Star although the Casablanca had closed by the time we used to go down there. The Docks Non Political Club and the Packet. The White Hart in James Street. These drinking establishments had seen better days. Regeneration and Gentrification were the buzz words and Mermaid Quay wasn't even an anchor in a ship captain's eye. So this dates me somewhat but it is from this time and this era that the character of Ken Frane has followed me in his squeaky shoes. 
Should you wish to find out how you can read Ken Frane, well look no further. Please click here.  
https://sharkfishinginwales.blogspot.com/2019/02/ken-frane-short-stories-book-launch.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://sharkfishinginwales.blogspot.com/2019/02/ken-frane-short-stories-book-launch.html


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