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The Miners' Strike Mystery

Posted by David Williams on October 12, 2018 at 9:45 AM

David Williams do ave been at it again. He has just completed the second novella in the 'Ken Frane Investigation' series. The Miners' Strike Mystery picks up where the Leiden Triangle Mystery left off.
The protagonist Ken Frane used to be a beat copper in Cardiff and was called back to the Valleys of his youth to police the Miners' Strike of 1984/85. Whilst breaking many, the strike made Ken and he returned to Butetown nick and South Wales C.I.D but was implicated in a corruption scandal surrounding the Lynne Black case of 1988/89. Frane was suspended from duty pending investigations but the results of those never saw the light of day and he was left to pick up the pieces of a shattered police career by doing private investigation, security work and the odd case here and there. He still had friends on the force and every case he solves or rather tries to solve is a form of redemption in his eyes at least. He has the characteristics of an archetypal detective of the hard boiled variety, likes his whiskey and his cigars but has a problem with women.  He has an antagoinst called Arthur Macey, an old Docklands villain who has vowed to kill Frane. By taking work and cases that are geographically away from 'The Bay' Ken is able to stay one step ahead of the bullet that Macey has prepared for him carving the initials KF into the body of the cartridge whilst in prison. The 'Ken Frane Investigation' series is synonymous with the anti-detective novel which rejects the expected outcome of restored order found in most mysteries. If you fancies having a read about the old kid on the new block please take a look at my home page here.

Diolch am ddarllen.

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