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                                                           Dafydd Wiliams

From 2000-2004 Dafydd was the Head of Drama at Malory School, Lewisham Borough which became Haberdasher Aske Academy in 2005. Prior to this he was the Development Officer for the Young Farmers Clubs of Wales. Now with an MA in Playwriting from Salford International University he is keen to launch a freelance career as a Creative Arts Facilitator. 

"My specialism is in turning Creative Writing into Drama,  From Page to Stage. My interests lie within the fields of Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System with personal experience of both. My approach is to work with individuals and groups, gauge their interests , passions and strengths and inspire and motivate them to create work which reveals their own truths, their own authenticity. It is very often a process of catharsis'

Dafydd is Artistic Director of the Red Button Theatre & Film Co-Operative which began in 1994 and which he has been running full time since 2004. Please click on the Picture to be taken to the Red Button Theatre website. Thank you!

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