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                                                           Dafydd Wiliams

Dafydd Williams graduated with an M.A in Playwriting from the University of Salford International (Merit) in 2014.  He writes Poetry under the name David Williams. He has written a novel called 'Amsterdamned' which is a 'Mental Health' Memoir. He has a Post Graduate Teaching Qualification and can teach across all age groups. Email at [email protected]

Examples of Dafydd's written work and details of Forum Theatre can be found on his Theatre Company website which has been running since 1994.



Genius Loci is the First Edition of Poetry from David Williams.  It covers the impressions made upon the poet/playwright by Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Liverpool and War amongst other stimuli. We begin on the mean streets of Cardiff before taking a snapshot of Aber. Back to the Diff to hear about the Christmas Bus. London and SW3 gets a roasting before David turns his attention to his spiritual home of Liverpool. These are angry words, observations of place and the summing up of the senses. This is the second edition with a new cover. The First edition sold very well.

Limbo Land is the second volume of angry words. Twenty poems to charge up the senses. From Eartha Kitt's Eyes to the Hedgehog of Hendy, from Tin Can Alley to Cardiff's Mediterranean quarter. In this slim volume is the Ode to the Bastard A487. If you know the road you will laugh. David asks What kind of Welsh are you? before a Scouse Seagull lands on his head.

David has just published his third volume of poetry.


The third volume of Poetry from David Williams. Following on from Genius Loci and Limbo Land, David completes the Trilogy of poems celebrating a 'sense of place' and our role within it. From Blundell Sands and Crosby to Pentre Gardens, Grangetown, lose yourself in these sometimes angry words. Welsh, it means foreigner you see.

HE'S BACK! The Welsh McGonagall returns with this punchy volume of verse. The bawdiness of Chaucer combined with the cynicism of Bukowski. Take a road trip with willy boy Williams from the Graffiti Girls of Sevenoaks Park, Grangetown to Porthcawl via Bridgend and onwards West to Port Talbot. Don't forget to take this book of verse into town with you and leave it somewhere interesting for someone else to enjoy.

Continuing to write under the Pseudonym David Williams, Dafydd has just published the sequel to Amsterdamned, 'Ten years a Free Man'. Published as an e-book, this is Dafydd's first venture into the Self-Empowerment field. In the ten years since the experiences that underpinned Amsterdamned, Dafydd has gone on to forge a career as an independent writer and publisher. This book details 10 Top Tips that can help you reclaim some sort of semblance of order on your own life. New Years Resolutions not working out? Things spiraling out of control? The same old thought patterns? Dafydd has been there.  

Ken Frane, antediluvian anti-hero, the last of the Cardiff Docks' detectives. Former Detective with South Wales C.I.D now fallen from grace, picking up whatever jobs and leads his old friends can provide him with. Ken Frane, old school, flies to the Netherlands to act as advisor on a disturbing child murder case to his old friend Jan Van der Bleet of Politie.nl Frane is introduced in a short story at the beginning in the 'Dubrovnik Postcard' affair and then we follow the hard bitten private investigator as he navigates the biker gangs and right wing extremists of modern day Netherlands. Once you see how Ken Frane operates in this opening novella, you will be wanting more and more.

David has just published a paperback version of his ebook 'Amsterdamned' published by chipmunka.

David has just published a full collection of his poetry to date. 101 Poems which include all poems from his previous three volumes plus 'Early Doors' work that was written in the 1990s. This book is available now from the Lulu marketplace at a very reasonable £9.99 for 136 pages.  

David has had his Poem 'Boots on the Cenotaph' published in the Book 'Letter to an Unknown Soldier' published by Harper Collins.

All the books on this website are available directly from the publisher however the author holds a few copies of each in stock and can sign them for you if you would like to order them from him directly. To do so please click on this link  Thank you.